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Before you arrive

Before you arrive we will email you with access to two online systems, the e-Induction and Online Registration. These systems are designed to help you settle in to your course and student life more easily and complete some essential admin before you arrive, meaning you can focus on your studies when you start your course.


What is e-Induction?

The e-Induction is designed to help new students, like you, prepare for university life and make the most of your time at DMU. Current students have assisted in developing the e-Induction content to help you settle in as quickly as possible and get a head start. You will receive further information via email shortly before your courses starts.

The e-Induction contains important information and advice on the following, depending on your programme of study:

  • Your faculty and programme
  • Your teaching and learning environment
  • Academic and support services
  • Settling in at university and top tips for life as a DMU student

You might need to put a few hours aside to complete the e-Induction fully, but don’t worry, you can log in and out of the site as often as you like.

If you have any queries, please contact

What is online registration?

This is the start of your official registration as a DMU student (it is sometimes referred to as enrolment). You will be asked to confirm the information we hold on your record as well as giving us additional things to get your DMU student life started, such as a photo for your ID card and a few details so we can prepare your personal timetable.

Online registration should be completed well ahead of your arrival for the registration event so everything is ready for you on the day. A username and password will be emailed to you (which are separate from your e-Induction username and password). Find out more about online registration. 

Please note: Arts, Design and Humanities programmes are not required to complete online registration.

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